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to the Northern Lakes School for the Arts. 


    The Northern Lakes School for the Arts, an educational organization, was formed to develop the creative talents and abilities of local residents.  Our nationally certified school, unique in rural Wisconsin, offers local students the very highest quality instruction in music, writing, and other artistic disciplines taught by an experienced faculty.  The School provides the instructional basis and the perfect place where those developed abilities may be creatively exercised.  Established in 1989, the school was organized and designed to provide local residents with the opportunity to develop and share their creative talents and abilities with one another and with the general public.  The School’s success with bringing the arts to local residents and with bringing local residents to the arts has resulted in its being included in the book, The 100 Best Small Arts Towns In America, and in its being awarded the Rural Genius Award from the Front Porch Institute and the Wisconsin Governor’s Award in Support of the Arts. 






Mary Elen.jpg

Mary Ellen teaches beginning piano

LaMoine teaches piano and guitar

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